I have been a client of David’s for over a year. During that time I completed the Reiki 1 course and am now starting the Reiki 2 course and also received Reiki healing on a semi-regular basis. Thanks to David’s gentle and effective methods of teaching, Reiki has now become a permanent part of my life, transforming it for the better. Whenever I receive Reiki from David I always feel completely calm and stress free. His rates for healing and courses are very reasonable which makes it accessible on a regular basis.
Catherine M; Financial Professional; Islington.

I received distant healing four times from David and each time felt calm and relaxed. David asked me to sit quietly, at an arranged time, which helped with receiving healing. The first two times I felt a very strong positive energy, and one time after healing I had a powerful emotional release about my father (who died when I was 14). Another time I released some emotions about my relationship with my mother. I know David has worked very hard to develop his healing skills and I highly recommend distant healing.
Bekleen Leong; Islington

I’ve been visiting David regularly for Reiki and find after each visit i’m really relaxed as if i’ve had a deep sleep. It’s wonderful, I’d absolutely recommend a visit.
Danielle Junor; Complementary Therapist; London E17.

For a three year period I tried several different treatments, from different companies, for my chronic shoulder and neck pain with no avail. After one session with David my shoulder has almost returned to normal. I would highly recommend Reiki.
Rukmini Patel; Islington.


Reiki Statement

David O’Keeffe gave individual Reiki sessions to clients from 2006-2008 on a weekly basis.  The sessions were popular with particular individuals enjoying the benefits of regular attendance over a significant period of time.  The reiki sessions were one of the first alternative treatments to be introduced into the service and these have become increasingly popular over time with members requesting more massages and reiki sessions.

In particular individuals said that reiki helped slow down their thoughts and improve their concentration.  Clients said they felt a ‘sense of calm’ and had increased energy.  One client said that he felt ‘less stuck in his thoughts and less worried about things’ following his reiki treatments.  Reiki works with energy and this seems very relevant in terms of supporting people with mental health issues who often express their energy levels being affected through distress or medication.

If we look at recovery in terms of increasing well being then reiki definitely seems to make a positive contribution to individuals.  The regularity of the treatment also seems to be important in that for some it seems to act as a catalyst to put their well being at the centre of their lives. For instance some of the clients who attended weekly for a period of time also started to explore other things which improved their sense of positive well being.  For example exploring Chinese herbal treatments, herbal teas, changing diets, and exploring meditation.
Tom Costley ;Camden Mind Day Centre Manager;May 2010

“Being a project manager with a  top investment bank in the City means my role is incredibly demanding. Due to stress levels some days I have not known where I am, or had the energy to carry on. Two Reiki sessions with David has completely turned my life around. Being new to complementary therapies I was sceptical at first. Now I am totally converted.”
M. G.; Tier One Investment Bank; London.

“I was having chemotherapy for breast cancer and on an emotional rollercoaster. I couldn’t visit but instead received distance healing. The side effects of chemotherapy reduced and I coped much better emotionally.”
Geraldine Hanlon; Hounslow.

“I suffered from repeated migraines for a year. After having two Reiki sessions my migraines have gone. I really do thank him.”
Susan Fraser; Islington.

David is a caring, conscientious and highly professional healer.  I went to him with a severe throat problem.  After a few healing sessions with him the problem I had passed.”
Peter Rouse; professional singer; Islington.

“When I dislocated my knee the cartilage was taking a long time to heal and was painful many months later. I had three Reiki sessions with David. Each time when I left my knee felt stronger. I healed a lot faster adding Reiki to my recovery process. I would recommend it.”
Kym Eaton; Maida Vale.

“I had suffered from several months of lower back pain. Thanks to two healing sessions I had with David my back feels like new.”
Jeff Cutmore; Islington.