Reiki Masters/Teachers

This course is for those that want to increase their healing ability beyond Reiki Level 2 and also learn how to teach Reiki. You don’t necessarily have to teach for the Master training to be useful. The ability to channel healing energy at a higher level, the mastership symbols, new techniques and knowledge, will enhance your healing abilities for self and others.
Learning how to do all the Reiki attunements (level 1 & 2 & mastership), enables you to pass on Reiki to others.
Master/Teacher courses are run over 30 hours and start every few months depending on how many students are ready and what dates/times are convenient.
On completion you are then asked to do 5 healing sessions, using some of your new techniques. You are then asked back for an assessment to show you understand the course material and to receive your Reiki Master/Teacher certificate.

Course Content

  • Becoming a Reiki Master
  • Receiving your Reiki Master attunement
  • Learning about Reiki Master symbols
  • The Reiki principles
  • Empowering your goals with Reiki
  • Chakra meditation
  • A few steps to bliss meditation
  • Teaching Reiki and marketing; the essentials

Discussion and Practical exercise of

a)     How to structure a meditation

b)     Reiki psychic surgery

c)      Cord cutting,

d)     Chakra balancing

e)     The multi-dimensional Reiki energy grid.

f)       How to do all the Reiki attunements

Join a Reiki Masters/Teachers course and I will guide you on a journey of spiritual growth.
Take the key of love, open the door and follow a path with unlimited potential.
The regular practical exercises on the course are a chance to work on any issues you may want to heal.
After the course there is on-going support to help you develop your skills and, if you wish, to teach Reiki. You are encouraged to phone or email any questions.