Reiki Level 2

This course is also run over 4 sessions of  3 hours (normally one session per week) and on completion you can now practice on the public as a Reiki Level 2.

During the course you will;

a)     Receive the Reiki level 2 attunement which increases your ability to channel healing energy.

b)     Learn the 3 sacred symbols and how to use them.

c)     Learn how to do distance healing.

d)     Guidelines for professional practice/insurance etc.

e)       Receive a detailed manual.

After completion of the 4 training sessions you are asked to do some healing on self and others over the next few weeks. During this time you can continue to study the manuel, ask questions on the phone and, if you wish, attend the Reiki share run twice each week (
After completion of a minimum of 5 healing sessions you are then invited back to be assessed. This involves answering a few questions, to show you understand the course material. You will then receive a recognised Reiki level 2 certificate from a Reiki Master.