Reiki Level 1

This course is run over five sessions ( 4 sessions of  3 hours and then a final session to answer a few questions and pick up your certificate). On completion you will be able to heal yourself, family and close friends.

“I attended Reiki 1 & 2 courses with David and found them extremely useful.  It taught me meditation and healing methods that really helped me relax when I needed to.”
Linda Ross; Islington.

During the course you will;

a)     Find out about Reiki and how it was discovered by Mikao Usui

b)     Learn relaxation and meditation techniques

c)     Receive the Reiki level 1 attunement from a Reiki Master which enables you to become a channel for Reiki healing.

d)     Learn about the Reiki Principles (also called the Five Precepts).

e)     Learn how to prepare for healing by cleansing, grounding, protecting yourself.

f)      Learn how to open the chakras and to attune to your spirit guides for assistance.

g)     Learn how to channel energy for a period of time by focusing your concentration on your breath and the spirit beings that are helping you.

h)      Learn how to close the chakras afterwards and protect yourself.

i)       Receive a detailed manual

After completion of the 4 training sessions you are asked to do some self healing. During this time you can continue to study the manual, and, if you wish, can attend the Reiki share run twice each week, ( ). After completion of some self  healing sessions you are then invited back for the final session to be accessed. This involves answering a few questions, to show you understand the course material. You then receive a recognized Reiki Level 1 certificate from a Reiki Master.

If you continue to use Reiki Level 1 regularly you can then move on to Level 2.